Invoice Number INV-00353
Invoice Date April 3, 2023
Total Due $297.50
NF Websites - Natasha Fransblow
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1 Ojibiikaan Website Redesign

Project Requirements:

- Update the colour palette to reflect more vibrant youthful colours while still incorporating current brand colors.
- They want the site to look more geared toward youth/kids and their families.
- They want to incorporate some graphics
- They want to improve the structure/flow/UX of the site.
- They want to eliminate the Blog area.
- Incorporate instagram feed.
- Colours and general energy inspired by their Instagram page:
- Create UI low-fidelity wireframes - This will show the basic layout of each page.
- Create UI hi-fidelity wireframes - This will show a detailed picture of each page, including all text and image content.

Deadline: TBD

Sub Total $425.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$127.50
Total Due $297.50