Invoice Number INV-01294
Invoice Date February 2, 2024
Total Due $131.25
Southern Limits Outdoors
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3.75 Updates for Business Cards and Brochures

Business Cards:
- Add the website to the Southern Limits business cards.

- Change the pricing layout on the brochures and include the website.
- Simplify the pricing structure, following the format on the website.
- Include all packages with lodging and meals, as well as single-day options without lodging.
- Remove CDN or USD at the end of the pricing.
- Update brochure images with some appealing walleye and salmon/trout pictures to enhance visual appeal.

Need From The Client:

- If you have specific walleye, salmon, or trout images in mind, feel free to share them, or I can choose stock images online for you.

Sub Total $131.25
Tax $0.00
Total Due $131.25