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Quote Date April 8, 2024
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Natalie Hiroz
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1 Squarespace Website Redesign for Natalie Hiroz

Project Overview:
Natalie Hiroz seeks a redesign for her existing Squarespace website to enhance its visual appeal and functionality. The current website requires improvements to reflect Natalie's brand image accurately. The project involves revamping the design, restoring Instagram integration, and overall improvements.

Project Tasks:

- Redesigning website layout and aesthetics to align with Natalie's brand identity.
- Incorporating visually appealing elements, including graphics, fonts, and colours.
- Restoring Instagram integration to display Natalie's latest social media content.
- Ensuring mobile responsiveness for seamless viewing across devices.
- Optimizing site navigation for enhanced user experience.

Website Domain:
NOTE: *Need Squarespace log in details prior to commencing work*

The project is estimated to be completed within 2 Weeks, subject to client feedback and approval. Please note: Any additional features or customization requirements may result in adjusted pricing, which will be discussed transparently with the client.

1 Content Management & Training

Project Tasks:

- Updating website content (ex. testimonials, portfolio images)
- Reviewing existing content for relevance and clarity.
- Providing recommendations for content optimization and refinement.
- Basic Squarespace website training

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